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Cooling Solutions.
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Cooling Solutions.

We Keep Cool When the Wind Picks Up.

All modern wind turbines need effective, compact and well-designed cooling solutions. After having secured optimum performance for thousands of wind turbines installed onshore or offshore and in all kinds of operating conditions, we have unrivaled expertise with wind turbine cooling solutions. We design and supply efficient and high-quality cooling solutions for generators, converters, gear boxes, transformers and hydraulics systems.
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Cooling At any Scale.

Our tailor-made cooling solutions ensure optimum performance for all wind turbines – from the smallest onshore turbines to multi-megawatt offshore behemoths.

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Cooling System.

Modern wind turbines have multiple mechanical and electric systems. A by-product of these systems is heat. A cooling solution from Ymer Technology ensures that heat is removed swiftly and handled in a controlled and efficient manner.

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Our passive and active coolers are carefully designed to meet even the toughest specifications. Our calculation software gives us a wide array of air fins, fans, fan houses and fan guards to model optimal airflow and cooling efficiency based on different applications and environments. A near-infinite number of combinations that are available for matrix design, in concert with our application knowledge, means that we can supply just the right cooler – ensuring ample cooling capacity as well as long and trouble-free operation.

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Plate Heat Exchanger.

The plate heat exchanger transports heat from, for example, the gearbox oil to the water circuit. Our plate heat exchangers fulfill the toughest demands, while the all-aluminum design helps minimize weight. Using our calculation and simulation software we can design a plate heat exchanger that is tailor-made to fit neatly into your design.

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Pump unit.

Stable circulation of cooling water demands a high-performance pump. At Ymer Technology, we’re constantly driving technology forward which has resulted in the development of our own design: the OPTI-Pump. Based on proven and reliable technology, our compact and modular design will optimize not only the performance but also the cost of the entire cooling system.

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In Detail.

Our extensive experience in design and production enables us to supply market-leading cooling technology for wind turbines. We’re continuously pushing the technological boundaries and using our creative thinking to help our customers construct highly reliable and cost-effective wind turbines.

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Production Chain.
A One-Stop Technology Shop.
We make complete cooling, thermal management and hydraulic systems from the ground up. Combining extensive engineering and application knowledge with state-of-the-art production means we can ensure superior quality, while keeping the time from order to prototype as short as possible.
A One-Stop Technology Shop.
We make complete cooling, thermal management and hydraulic systems from the ground up. Combining extensive engineering and application knowledge with state-of-the-art production means we can ensure superior quality, while keeping the time from order to prototype as short as possible.
To Find the Best Solutions, We Look Into the Future.
Based on our extensive application knowledge and thermodynamic expertise, we have developed Seidr – a state-of-the-art calculation tool that models the behavior of fans, liquids, materials, headers and more. This helps us create a first, optimized layout before we
start modeling.
A First Look at Something Really Cool.
After getting agreement on our layout, we begin modeling the design in exact detail. After we’ve thoroughly examined the 3D-model, it’s sent to you – no more than one week after the agreement is finalized.
Production drawings
Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty.
After your agreement, the final design is broken up into detailed production drawings to enable manufacturing of each individual part. With a complete bill of materials, it’s time to start production.
Component production
Making Sure There is No Weakest Link.
All parts included in the complete BOM of the final product are manufactured. Either internally in our own production facilities – we have full control of the production chain with capacity for aluminum matrix and steel production – or by handpicked and approved suppliers that meet our high demands on quality and delivery times.
Prototype assembly
Ready for Testing.
Every new product will pass a prototype assembly where both production and design thoroughly evaluate the prototype to ensure that all design and customer specifications are met or exceeded.
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January 03, 2023

Ymer Technology’s wind division is acquired by HydraSpecma. The transaction will strengthen the position as a supplier to the wind industry.

Ymer Technology’s wind division that develops and manufactures cooling systems for on- and off- shore wind turbines has been acquired by the Power and Motion company, HydraSpecma. With the transaction HydraSpecma strengthen its position as leading supplier within the wind industry.

With the acquisition of Ymer Technology’s wind division, the international Power & Motion company HydraSpecma headquartered in Skjern, Denmark is becoming an even stronger supplier and development partner to the wind industry. The two companies have recently settled an agreement which will increase strength and capacity to accept even more projects within the wind power segment.

HydraSpecma, that is owned by the Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co, has acquired Ymer Technology’s wind division that is headquartered in Silkeborg, Denmark. HydraSpecma sees a great potential in the wind industry the upcoming years and the two companies will complement each other in multiple areas. HydraSpecma is specialized in lubrication- and filtration systems and pitch-hydraulic, while Ymer Technology have cooling and conditioning of nacelles as their primary business area.

The goal, to achieve an even stronger position in the market has also played a significant role for Ymer Technology Jørgen Krogh, Vice President of Ymer Technology explains. In few years, Ymer Technology has established a robust customer portfolio due to the company’s expertise, especially within cooling systems for wind turbines.

– Through a close cooperation with our customers we have taken significant steps within development. We have gone from being a component supplier to co-developer of systems to some of the largest OEM customers. Now the time has come to take the next large step. The winds of change are blowing within the wind industry and to stand even stronger in that process I see Ymer Technology and HydraSpecma as the perfect match, says Jørgen Krogh.

HydraSpecma have been collaborating with the leading wind turbine manufactures in more than 40 years and are experiencing and increasing demand with the wind power segment. The acquisition of Ymer Technology’s wind division is a prolongation of HydraSpecma’s strategic ambition to strengthen their position with the growing industry.

HydraSpecma and Ymer Technology is similar in many areas. Both companies excel in service excellence and they both have a flexible production on a global scale, which makes us a strong business partner. Together, we are ready to secure our customers the best complete solutions all the way from prototype development to serial production. We are convinced that this acquisition will make us stronger in this area in the future – Morten Kjær, CEO of HydraSpecma

During the discussions on HydraSpecma’s acquisition of Ymer Technology’s wind division, both Morten Kjær and Jørgen Krogh have been confirmed in the fact that the companies’ values are very close to each other. That has strengthened the belief that the acquisition and increased focus on the wind power industry will become a success.

A stronger partner for the wind industry

The acquisition must also be seen in light of the increasing need in the market for consolidation.
– There is no doubt that size matter as a supplier to the wind industry. Our purchase volume and production capacity will increase, and  we will stand stronger as we gain strength and capacity to take more projects from all customers and deliver complete systems. Morten Kjær emphasizes and adds that the acquisition will increase HydraSpecma’s revenue with approximately 575m Danish kroner.

HydraSpecma will be the continuing company and will continue to be headquartered in Denmark. HydraSpecma Group and Ymer Technology’s wind division respectively employs 1.300 and 180 persons and have production facilities in Asia, Europe as well as in North- and South America.

About Ymer Technology

Ymer Technology was founded in Sweden in 2005 under the name Ymer Technology AB. Ymer Technology has specialized in cooling systems and thermal management systems. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has production facilities in Sweden, China, India and USA. In 2021 Ymer Technology had a revenue of 1bn Swedish kroner and the company has 277 employees.

About HydraSpecma

HydraSpecma was founded in 1974 and today it is Denmark’s largest supplier of Power & Motion systems as well as solutions for the wind power industry. HydraSpecma is a customer driven company that delivers advanced hydraulic and electronic solutions for a wide range of segments within the Power & Motion market on a global scale as well as in the local Nordic aftermarket.
HydraSpecma’s wind division also delivers filtration- and lubrication systems as well as pitch-hydraulic systems for the wind industry. HydraSpecma is headquartered in Denmark and have production facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, England, Netherlands, India, China and Brazil. HydraSpecma also operates a series of stores for the aftermarket in the Nordics. In 2021 HydraSpecma had a revenue of 2,3bn Danish kroner and the company have 1.300 employees whereof a large part is employed in Denmark and Sweden. Since 1988 HydraSpecma has been a part of the Danish industrial conglomerate Schouw & Co.

For further information please contact:
Vice President, Jørgen Krogh, Ymer Technology, +45 2042 2838
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